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  • Delegations is an opportunity for a constituent to address the Minneapolis Public Schools Board of Education on items presented on the evening’s agenda.
  • Delegations will take place after Presentations, during the second half of the agenda of the Monthly Board meeting.
  • Each person who signs up to speak should arrive no later than approximately 6:30 PM. 
  • Each registered person will have 3 minutes to address the Board.
  • If you have hand-outs or materials for the Board, we ask that you hand them to the Board Liaison who will distribute to the Board members after the meeting; please do not approach the dais.

Please note, if you want to speak on items that are to be voted on at the Board meeting, please sign up for Public Comment.


***Please note - Sign-ups for Public Comment via e-mail will only be taken until 4:30 p.m the day of the Board Meeting.  After that, I will not get your request so please sign-up in person.

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