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Board Committees
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Board Committees

Board Committees

To more properly serve the students and community, the Board of Education is permitted to designate committees to conduct preparatory work on matters that will be considered by the Board of Education as a whole. Each Committee is comprised of members of the Minneapolis Public Schools Board of Education and District Staff.  

All Committee Meetings are open to the public. Click the commitee title for details.

Finance Committee

Committee Members: Abdul Abdi (Chair), Kim Ellison, Joyner Emerick, Sharon El-Amin, Ira Jourdain, Ibrahima Diop (Staff)

Policy Committee

Committee Members: Lori Norvell (Chair), Collin Beachy, Adriana Cerrillo, Fathia Feerayarre, Sharon El-Amin

Superintendent Evaluation Committee

Committee Members: Abdul Abdi, Collin Beachy, Kim Ellison, Fathia Feerayarre, Sharon El-Amin

English Language Learners (ELL) Caucus

Caucus Members: Abdul Abdi, Adriana Cerrillo, Kim Ellison, Fathia Feerayarre