January 8 CDD Statement
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January 8, 2020 Board Chair Statement on Comprehensive District Design

January 8, 2020 Board Chair Statement on Comprehensive District Design

The School Board has received a lot of communication and there has been a lot of activity regarding the Comprehensive District Design. I am providing this statement as current board chair; individual board members may also respond:

As the elected governing body of Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS), we are responsible for fulfilling the district's vision and mission within fiscal and legal parameters. We are tasked with balancing how our decisions impact individual students, families, and schools with how they impact the entire district as a system. The Comprehensive District Design (CDD) will be a blueprint for how the structures, policies, and resources align to provide a well-rounded education to every student in every part of our city. We know this won't come from changing just a few things--we need to look at every part of our system.

While the Board has received studies that will inform a final recommendation, actual models with specifics have not been presented. We will ensure community feedback is considered, but until official models have been presented to the Board, it is hard to respond to individual scenarios and questions--because we aren't to that stage yet.

We do want to provide some information that may help provide context for specific questions though. More information on each of the questions below, including links to videos and presentations, and opportunities to provide input, can be found here: https://mpls.k12.mn.us/cdd.

Why are we doing this?
Students in different parts of our system have different experiences and outcomes. In many cases, these differences are connected to race, class, and geography. This is unacceptable to us so we have directed the Superintendent to bring us a design of what Minneapolis Public Schools could be, if we weren't constrained to the way we've always done things. 

Last October, the Board set guiding values for the CDD. They can be found here: https://mpls.k12.mn.us/board_values_resolution.  

What's happened so far?
No decisions have been made yet. Over the past few months, the Board has received presentations on several studies that have looked at what our schools would look like if students attended their neighborhood school. We have seen information on having magnet schools in the center of the city. And we have learned how our own student placement policies provide and perpetuate inequities in our system. 

We have received a lot of information, which can all be found here: https://mpls.k12.mn.us/studies.

What is happening next? And when?
The Board will receive models at the end of January. There will be community listening and info sessions and feedback surveys in January and February. We intend to vote on a final plan in April 2020. And even after adoption of a proposal, we will have work to do aligning budgets, rewriting policies, and implementing any changes to schools and for staff.

How can I stay informed?
MPS families will receive regular communication about the progress, in both written and video formats. The CDD website has an online feedback form and a complete list of community listening and info sessions.

Thank you all for investment in public education in general, and Minneapolis Public Schools in particular. 


Nelson Inz
Minneapolis School Board Chair