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Tracine Asberry
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Tracine Asberry
Tracine Asberry

Board of Education, Director
Term: 2013-2017

Tracine Asberry, Ed.D. grew up in Detroit, Michigan, the youngest of eight children. Through her parents, she first learned the value of education. Her father was illiterate and an organic intellectual. He worked for thirty years as an assembly line operator at the first Henry Ford Motor Plant. When Tracine was four years old her mother returned to school to earn a GED and go on to become a state social worker for 15 years. Because of their struggle and resilience, Tracine’s parents instilled in her a firm belief in education as a gateway out of poverty; academic achievement in school determines who thrives and who survives outside of school. Education as the “practice of freedom” gave her strength to rise to her full potential and called on her to reciprocate. Raised with high expectations and high support, her parents taught her to give to family and community.  To this day, Tracine believes it is our duty, to lift each other up.

While teaching full time for Minneapolis Public Schools (W. Harry Davis Academy, 1998 – 2007), Tracine earned both a masters degree in elementary education and a doctorate degree in critical pedagogy to improve her classroom instruction and family engagement. Over the years since W. Harry Davis Academy closed, she has completed a Bush Leadership Fellowship, established herself as an Adjunct/Community Faculty in college/university teacher education programs, and collaborated with local community organizations. Tracine brings a wealth of knowledge based on her professional experience. She believes it is the responsibility of public schools to help all students reach their full potential. In order for this to happen, students must have access to culturally relevant curricula. This entails that schools 1) offer additional support to meet each student’s unique needs, 2) ensure all students make yearly growth, and 3) promote high-ability perspectives.

From Tracine’s experience as an involved mother of three, her school age children attend Minneapolis Public Schools. Tracine knows that families are stakeholders in both the formal and informal education of their students. She believes that all families should be treated equitably and have opportunities to engage in decision-making regarding their children’s education. During her time as an MPS teacher, Tracine employed innovative approaches to family involvement. She worked directly with students and families in order to promote access to quality education. Tracine is dedicated to ensuring all children receive Best Practices instruction that promotes creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving and community. These are the skills our children need to become empowered leaders in our ever-evolving global community.