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Board Standing Committees
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Board Standing Committees
Board Standing Committees

To more properly serve the students and community, the Board of Education is permitted to designate committees to conduct preparatory work on matters that will be considered by the Board of Education as a whole.  Each Committee is comprised of members of the Minneapolis Public Schools Board of Education and District Staff. 

All Committee Meetings are open to the public. 

Community Engagement Committee

Committee Members: Mohamud Noor (Chair) Jenny Arneson, Kim Ellison, Rebecca Gagnon, Ruben Vazquez

The Superintendent and Board of Education of Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) have created a Community Engagement Committee to meaningfully engage the community in decision making processes that are intentional and systematic, and strengthen collaboration with school district stakeholders.  The Committee is comprised of board members as well as school district staff members from the Office of Family and Community Engagement.  The Committee generally meets on the third Monday of each month at 10:00 am and will continue to meet on a regular basis until their goals are satisfactorily completed, at which time, it will meet on an as-needed basis. 

Audit Committee

Committee Members: Richard Mammen, Rebecca Gagnon, Alberto Monserrate, Josh Reimnitz, CFO Robert Doty

The Purpose of the Audit Committee is act in an advisory capacity to assist the Board of Directors with overseeing its responsibilities over the financial operations of the District, relating to the annual external audit of the District's financial statements and overseeing the District's internal audit activities. 

The duties of the committee are:

  • Oversee the process for selecting external auditors and recommending appointment to the Board.
  • Meet with district officers, external and internal auditors, as necessary.
  • Review the annual financial statements and other sections of the annual report and consider whether they are complete, consistent with information known to committee members, and reflect appropriate accounting principles.
  • Understand the scope of internal and external auditors’ review of internal control over financial reporting, and obtain reports on significant findings and recommendations, together with management’s responses.
  • On an as needed basis, meet separately with the internal auditor to discuss any matters that the committee or internal auditor believes should be discussed privately.
  • Review the process for communicating the code of conduct to district personnel, and for monitoring compliance therewith.
  • Regularly report to the Board of Directors about committee activities, issues, and related recommendations. 
Equity and Achievement Committee

Committee Members: Kim Ellison (Chair) Tracine Asberry, Jenny Arneson, Carla Bates, Richard Mammen, Alberto Monserrate, James Burroughs, II

The Purpose of the Equity and Achievement Committee is to:

  • Convene the Community and Develop Partnerships
  • Review and Analyze Information in Order to Form Policy Recommendations;
  • Set Goals and Create Accountability Measures Around Issues of Race and Equity
Finance Committee

Committee Members: Rebecca Gagnon (Chair), Carla Bates, Kim Ellison, Alberto Monserrate, Mohamud Noor, Josh Reimnitz, CFO Robert Doty

The Purpose of the Finance Committee is to:

  • Identify the Information the Board needs to Receive on a Regular Basis Concerning the Budgeted vs. Actual Financial Data of the District
  • Define and Monitor the Board's Role and Decision Calendar for the Board Discussions on the District's Budget and the Role of the Citizens
  • Oversee Preparation of the Annual Budget and Quarterly Financial Statements
  • Support Staff in Addressing Issues Raised by the Annual Audit

The Finance Committee will Include the Board Treasurer, who will Serve as Chair, and at Least One More Board Member.  The Chief Financial Officer will Staff the Committee.  These Members may Recruit Financial Experts to Also Serve on the Finance Committee.

Policy Committee

Committee Members: Josh Reimnitz (Chair) Richard Mammen, Jenny Arneson, Rebecca Gagnon, Mohamud Noor, Steve Liss, Nan Miller

The Board Standing Committee on Policies is established under Board Policy 8120. The role of the Committee is to:

  • Oversee the review of all policies adopted by the board
  • Review recommended board action on those policies not specifically in the purview of another Board Standing Committee.
  • Evaluate suggestions for board policy that come from board members and the public. It may recommend development of policies for adoption. 
  • Establish priorities in policy review and adoption, in consultation with the Superintendent and the administration, and sets review goals and schedules.
Superintendent Evaluation Committee

 Committee Members: Carla Bates(Chair), Alberto Monserrate, Mohamud Noor, Tracine Asberry, Josh Reimnitz, Superintendent of Schools

Teaching and Learning Committee

Committee Members: Tracine Asberry (Chair), Carla Bates, Kim Ellison, Rebecca Gagnon, Alberto Monserrate, Josh Reimnitz, Susanne Griffin-Ziebart

The Purpose of the Teaching and Learning Subcommittee is to provide oversight and governance for academic policies in the District.  The duties of this committee include:

  • Initial review and recommendation of policies related to curriculum, assessment, evaluation, promotion/retention, and graduation to the full Board of Education
  • Oversight for major district strategies affecting academics (e.g., Teacher Evaluation, Focused Instruction)
  • Strategic guidance around critical academic questions impacting students across the system