Rhonda Larkin
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Rhonda Larkin

Rhonda Larkin


Rhonda Larkin, Principal Representative – District 5  - Rhonda works for Minneapolis Public Schools as a principal at Stadium View.  She is passionate about supporting student learning in challenging neighborhoods and environments.


What motivates you as a volunteer to serving on Minneapolis Public Schools superintendent Search Committee, and what educational committees have you served on?

As a high school principal for MPLS, I have a vested interest in who becomes the next superintendent. I believe that I would bring a special skill to the committee, which would enhance the selection process.

The School Board is aware that there has been a great deal of discussion about the achievement gap (difference in achievement between students of color and whites).

I have strong opinions about the growing achievement gap, why and how it continues to grow and what we can do to curtail it.

Are you comfortable listening to diverse opinions and feel free to respond in turn (i.e. give and take dialogue)?

I feel extremely comfortable listening to divers opinions as well as giving my own opinions. I do this everyday as a school leader. I am highly skilled and qualified in this area.