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Rebecca Miller

Rebecca Miller


Rebecca Miller, Teacher Representative – District 6


What motivates you as a volunteer to serving on Minneapolis Public Schools Superintendent Search Committee, and what educational committees have you served on?

I have lived and/or worked in Minneapolis for over twenty years. Both of my children have attended Minneapolis Public Schools since they were less than a month old (ECFE classes). I am very invested in making sure that MPS schools are the best they can be.   

I have been on selection committees for principals at various schools, and for youth education leaders at my church.   I am currently a member on the following committees: two MPS Instructional Leadership Teams (ECSE @ Wilder, and MPS Speech/Language Clinician), MFT Executive Board, MFT Legislative and MFT Community Engagement. Also I am a MFT delegate to Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation (MRLF) and member of MRLF COPE.

The School Board is aware that there has been a great deal of discussion about the achievement gap (difference in achievement between students of color and whites). Do you have an opinion, one way or another, on this subject?

I believe that it is a very complex issue with many factors that have contributed to the gaps that exist. High quality Early Childhood education is one of the most effective ways to address the opportunity gap, and strong public schools with wrap around services, such as health services, mental heath and other community supports (e.g food bank) is another. But there are many other things that need to be done as well. It will take all stakeholders in our community, working together to address this issue and to lift up all of our children so they can reach their full potential. 

 Are you comfortable listening to diverse opinions and feel free to respond in turn (i.e. give and take dialogue)?

Yes I am. This is a necessary skill for my job working with students, family, community members and colleagues in Minneapolis Public Schools.  I value these conversations and continue to learn from them.  I have found that diverse opinions often lead to better decision making.