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Rebecca Gagnon
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Rebecca Gagnon
Rebecca Gagnon

Board of Education, Treasurer
Term: 2011-2015

I am honored to have the opportunity to serve on the Minneapolis school board. I understand the challenges and take very seriously my stewardship role in the education of our children. Before moving to Minnesota in 2008, my family lived in Columbia, Missouri, Singapore, and Austin, Texas. I currently have three children in three Minneapolis public schools, (Southwest High School, Lake Harriet Community School, and Whittier IB). I bring a broad range of experiences to my role as Director, including my work as a school, church, and community volunteer. The support of my family, and more specifically my husband of over 17 years, allows me to dedicate myself to serving the students of families in MPS. During the next four years, I know that building and strengthening partnerships will be critical in addressing the various barriers to achievement that our children face. I look forward to partnering with all stakeholders in our children’s education, including community members, parents, teachers, staff, other elected officials and students. This work, albeit difficult, requires courage, collaboration, and an unwavering commitment to the idea that all children can achieve academic success, every child's success matters, and all stakeholders must be held accountable when a child fails. "Let us harness our common humanity and make a better world." ~ Ban Ki-moon