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Kim Ellison
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Kim Ellison
Kim Ellison

Board of Education
Director At Large
Term: 2012-2013

Kim Ellison brings a wealth of experience to the school board working for organizations that serve students and families and a background informed by 12 years of teaching. She currently serves on the LearningWorks board at Blake School and served on the boad for Parents United for Public Schools for nine years.

Kim is passionate about addressing the achievement gap and is a firm believer that building relationships with students is key to their success. She asserts that it is necessary take a well-rounded approach to educating students. Nutrition, health care, after school programs and enrichment opportunities all support academic achievement. 

She was first appointed to the Minneapolis Board of Education in January 2011 to fill a vacancy after Lydia Lee resigned, and began her first elected term in January 2013 representing the northwest side of Minneapolis in District 2.

In her free time, Kim enjoys spending time with her four children, reading, swimming and bike riding.