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Joseph Rice

Joseph Rice


Joseph Rice, Community Representative – District 3 – Joseph (Native American (Choctaw) is the executive director of Nawayee Center, a contracted Minneapolis Public Schools Alternative School.  He serves on the Board of Directors of the Minneapolis Urban Indian Directors and the Metropolitan Federation of Alternative Schools.


What motivates you as a volunteer to serving on Minneapolis Public Schools superintendent Search Committee, and what educational committees have you served on?

I understand the need for consistent, high quality leadership in education that serves all children and their families. I have previously served on a superintendent search committee and a similar committee for the director of Indian Education. I currently serve as a chairperson for the Phillips Indian Educators.

The School Board is aware that there has been a great deal of discussion about the achievement gap (difference in achievement between students of color and whites).

The achievement gap is not well understood and the current set of measures is insufficient to accurately determine how successful our public schools are.

Are you comfortable listening to diverse opinions and feel free to respond in turn (i.e. give and take dialogue)?

Yes, I much prefer that kind of open, sharing communication and believe it is the only truly effective way to work with people in any endeavor