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Collin Robinson

Collin Robinson


Collin Robinson, Student Representative – District 2, Collin (biracial – Australian/African American) is a Minneapolis Public Schools student in the 10th grade at Southwest High School.


What motivates you as a volunteer to serving on Minneapolis Public Schools superintendent Search Committee, and what educational committees have you served on?

I am a member of the Twin Cities Coalition for Justice for Jamar, Educate Ya Self, Dare 2 Be Real, as well as the Minneapolis NAACP education Committee. I believe that education reform needs to be prioritized, because if we can't guarantee equitable education for all of Minneapolis Students, specifically the Black and Brown students, than how do we expect them to become successful? This very concept pushes me to fight for education reform. And I believe if we put the right person in office, than we can begin to strive for equitable education for all.

The School Board is aware that there has been a great deal of discussion about the achievement gap (difference in achievement between students of color and whites).

I do not think that we should create dialogue about a "achievement gap" but rather converse about the opportunity gap that we have in this district. If you, as a school board, can say that each student has been given adequate, and equitable learning resources, and environment, only then can they say that there is something called an achievement gap. But that is not true. The problem is that black students in North Minneapolis are set up to fail along with the Native Americans in our schools, the Brown, Coastal, and Pacific Islanders in our schools. This is a problem we need a superintendent to address.

Are you comfortable listening to diverse opinions and feel free to respond in turn (i.e. give and take dialogue)?

I do feel comfortable listening to all perspectives. I think its crucial to take in different perspectives, and learn from all of them. I don't, and probably won't, agree with everyone, but the only way we can guarantee success through this committee is if everyone is heard.